Another Year

Good Bye 53 – You tried very hard to kick my butt this past year…with health issues and financial loss…it will be nice to see you go…I am so thankful for Jesus who is faithful <3 and for the new friends in my life and for the old ones who have remained by my side – loving me where I’m at .. People have come and gone from my life this past year. Some I will dearly miss – but I know I will see them again in heaven, others left by their own word or deed…I will miss them – but love does not demand it’s own way (1Cor13:5)

HELLO 54! – I am looking forward to all you have for me this year! I will live this year better – with wiser choices – and more time spent with dear friends and family. You can not go backwards and change anything, but you CAN go forward and do things differently… Life marches on at a record pace and you can find yourself chasing material things…but the most precious commodity you have is ‘time’ use it wisely <3 I plan to!

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