Do you fit or do you belong?

Do you fit? As most ladies, I enjoy shoe shopping… but with very small feet (size 5) finding all the cute styles in my size can be challenging. One day I was shopping when I saw the most adorable pair of shoes, shiny red, strappy with a heel a bit higher than I normally wear and not only were they on the sale rack, they were my size! Oh I tried them on, I pranced around the shoe store admiring them on my feet… hearing the compliments from other women… “Oh those are cute!” said one woman, another said “They are super cute!” I was feeling pretty good about myself with all the compliments from the female cheering section!I went back and forth in my mind over these shoes….What would I wear them with? They were RED. Certainly I could find an outfit to wear them with or maybe go buy a new one?The heels are rather high….well I would like to look a bit taller (with my short / petite self being only 5’0”).How can you walk in such high heels? “With practice” I told myself… I mean how hard can it be, right? I’ve been walking since age two… I should have the art of walking perfected now in my mid-50’s right?

Oh the endless tug –o-war of thoughts plagued me…but I talked myself into them because, well, they were on sale, right? And how often does a cute – red – strappy shoe come along in a size 5?I brought them home – so excited to put them on and walk (strut) around my house. I grabbed a quick black skirt out of my closet which is already teeming with clothes, dresses, skirts, shirts all in three different sizes (sm-med-large… aka my real size, my fat size and my dream size). I began parading across the wood floors checking out how the shoes looked on me in the closet mirror. I asked my cats what they thought and they were disinterested. So there I stood, my hair thrown up in a bun, old T-shirt on, black skirt and with my new, fancy red strappy high heeled shoes looking at myself in the mirror… when I got a wild idea… I wonder if I can dance in these shoes…? So I break into my best ‘ballet-flash dance-twirl-oh, what, a feeling, 80’s’ move when one foot went one way, the ankle of the other foot twisted and flipped the other way, my body fell backwards and 2 out of 3 cats fled in terror!

As I laid there on the floor wondering if I had broken anything and remembering the receipt said “all sales are final” I realized that even though the shoes fit on my feet, they didn’t belong on my feet.Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you fit in, but you just didn’t belong?God’s word says in Psalms 37:23 The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him.God doesn’t want you to feel like you just fit in… He wants you to belong. You are His.

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