What a difference a year makes

A year ago – my life changed – It was the day I received the cancer diagnosis. At that moment my life was not my own – going from one doctor appointment to another- one procedure to another. I had to trust what was being told to me (medically) Spiritually – I found my peace and my rest in Jesus. My life became out of control – but placed in the hands of the ONE who is in control. Going through this Journey was difficult (nothing worth while is easy) but it showed me the love of others – it created in me more compassion for others and it gave me a deeper walk with my Savior. No matter how difficult the surgery, treatment, recovery, was – I wasn’t alone. So many friends and breast cancer sisters walked thru this Journey with me. Today I look back and I am thankful for the diagnosis….Thankful you may ask? Yes – Thankful – because nothing can touch my life that doesn’t go thru God’s hands first. My Journey glorifies God. I can help, encourage, and walk through this same Journey with another person who gets that scarey diagnosis. I am thankful that I have walked through this Journey and am now on the other side.God is so good and so faithful.

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